What to Expect

You Can Relax at Your Dentist’s Office

There is one aspect of Dr. Martin’s dental office that we think is special – the ability of the doctor and staff to communicate well with you. We’ve worked hard to get to the point where our patients can look forward to a visit with us; and we’ve done that by caring about our patients, listening to what they think and how they feel, and helping them to have the best dental health possible.

We’ve learned through the years that dental visits can be pleasant experiences when the doctor and staff have a strong relationship with their patients. This positive experience is even more so when the patient’s dental health is maintained. As is the case with most things in life, “An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure.”

Your Teeth Were Meant to Last a Lifetime

People once thought it was OK to allow their teeth to rot, then have them replaced with dentures. Fortunately, medical advancements over the years have taught us better. We now know that people were meant to keep their teeth for a lifetime. Artificial teeth simply aren’t natural.

Just think about the difference in quality of life you’ll experience in your later years when you can eat any foods you want and give your grandchildren a warm smile. That’s what taking care of your teeth and keeping them for life will give you. If your teeth aren’t healthy, you’re not healthy.

We Love New Patients

We have a special relationship with each of our patients, and we consider each new patient an addition to our happy family.

The doctor and staff welcomes each new patient, offer a brief tour of the office and give special attention. We know that finding a good dentist who you can trust can be intimidating, so we do everything we can to let you know how we cater to our patients and what to expect when you visit.

Once you become a patient of our, we  encourage you to show your appreciation for the care we deliver by telling others about us. You see, we feel a strong sense of responsibility for the well-being of the people in our community.

We Can Give You a More Beautiful Smile

Another wonderful benefit of advances in dental care is the availability of esthetic, or cosmetic dentistry. This may sound like an option beyond your means, but not so. If you have a desire for whiter or straighter teeth or simply a more attractive smile, just call us today to schedule a free consultation.

We’ll listen to your concerns, show you all the options available and discuss the details of the procedure. If cost is a concern, we have payment options to give you even more reasons to smile.

Yes, We Offer Orthodontic Care

We have noticed that our patients who have learned to trust us and relax when they visit are sometimes anxious about going to yet another dentist for orthodontic care.

For that reason, the doctor and staff are trained in orthodontic procedures so that our patients can have teeth that are more attractive and comfortable without having to go elsewhere for care.

We also perform endodontics (root canals), oral surgery and periodontics (gum treatment) so that our patients don’t have to go to a specialist for such procedures.

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