Optimal Oral Health ... Something to Smile About!

The goal of our team is to have our patients and their families comfortable and confident about their smiles and oral health.

We will achieve this goal by providing high quality care, educating our patients and nurturing a caring environment.

When you enter our office, the first thing you notice is that we strive to make our patients as comfortable as possible. The plush reception area, current magazines, cable television and children's play area are all here to put our patients and their families at ease.

As you enter the treatment areas, you will notice we have the equipment, such as intraoral cameras, to aid in our ability to thoroughly examine, diagnose and treat all our patients. We also use this equipment to educate our patients about what they can do to optimize their oral health.

Dr. Martin offers full Family Dentistry

Need a check up? X-rays? Or cleaning? Let our experienced and trained staff take care of you and your family.

(334) 382-9610 or 1 (800) 960-SMILE

We Accept the Following Insurance Providers

Alabama Blue Cross Blue Shield, Delta Dental, Southland National Benefits, Guardian